We’re in Vancouver. We’re from Vancouver. We’re not interested in pretending to be something we’re not. What motivates our Chefs isn’t the idea of bringing you a taste of somewhere else; it’s about celebrating where we are and all Vancouver has to offer!

We also own Savoury Chef Foods Ltd, a full service fancy smancy catering company.


It all started somewhere on the West side of the Mexican Peninsula, Baja California Sur. Or was it Central America, off the coast of… You know what? It doesn’t really matter. The point is, there was a man. A man with a plan. A vision. And a really bad hangover.

How exactly he crossed paths with Savoury Chef is anyone’s guess. Needless to say he followed them home and they haven’t been able to shake him since.

“I’ll say one thing for him though, that guy knows how to party!”

And so, at the risk of letting his particular talents go to waste, Buena Onda is being unleashed onto the world. Or Vancouver. They can promise us that. He’ll be contained to the local area and to the kind of gatherings where he’ll fit right in.

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